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pipe strap kwik block

Kwik Block is a plastic, universal fastening system for pipe, tubing, and wiring or cabling.

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Kwik Block offers the leading fastening system to secure piping and tubing in corrosive and/or wet environments. The Kwik Block is non metallic so by design it inhibits electrolysis, or galvanic action, caused by dissimilar metals, which is a leading of pipe system failure.

Kwik Block is a universal plastic pipe clamp (pipe strap) that's U.V. resistant (black color) and designed to work with tubing, cabling, and wire bundles. It requires the combined use of a tether, such as a vinyl or stainless steel cable tie, to secure the load.

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Use Kwik Block as a cradle to secure one or more pipes, tubing, hoses, cabling, and wiring.

metal clamps not needed any longer
Kwik Block eliminates the need or worry of stocking all of the clamp sizes
because of its V-Shape in combination with any size tether. (read more)
metal clamps not needed any longer
The Kwik Block is a non metallic (which means non-corrosive), universal pipe, hose or tubing
clamp to secure any load size. It has many applications. (read more)
Kwik Block is a securing device made from a very strong high density copolymer polypropylene and is virtually impervious to water, UV rays (black color), corrosion, and chemicals. It can be fastened to most any surface by use of nails, screws, or adhesives. By combining Kwik Block (quick block) with a tethering system it can be used to secure and/or support most sizes of piping, tubing, wiring bundles, or other products that need to be secured.
"Kwik Block creates the BASE and you PICK THE TETHER that fits the task."

We call a "tether" anything that fits through the Kwik Block slots to secure the load. Kwik Block works easily with a variety of tethers or straps. Use the appropriate one for your specific environmental application.

Kwik Block is adaptable to metal channel and other hardware for dissimilar metals separation.

Kwik Block comes in two sizes; (large or small) and two styles; (with side mounting ears or without ears). All Kwik Blocks have a countersunk hole in the center (your pipe will not be in contact with the screw). Refer to the picture with the pencil in it to ascertain approximate size of all four Kwik Blocks or visit the “technical specs” page or download the size info page to receive more information.

Kwik Block Pipe Strap
Kwik Block Pipe Strap
Kwik Block, a cost effective pipe strap solution, is made entirely in the the USA.